Founded in 2004, we are an IT company specialising in the provision of Java services and solutions for both the private and the public sector.

"Java Excellence" Is our motto and drives us towards the development of a professional and trustworthy relationship with our costumers.

Since 2010 we have extended our activities worldwide from our home country, Portugal, to other European and also African countries.

Domatica – Global Solutions S.A. is a Portuguese company, founded in September 2002, is a technology innovation company specialized in engineering solutions over a wide range of applications.

Domatica is the creator and the proprietary of the iDomFramework, a robust and practical platform that narrows the distance between the physical and software worlds.

Domatica is a privately held venture-backed company with activities in several countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, France, UK, Germany and Emirates and has a highly qualified team of different backgrounds.

Our strategic presence in both Europe and India makes possible a development model that is highly productive and accurate. With quality people and an infrastructure already in place, SHLOK has been delivering acclaimed products to their clients on time.

We have a proven development model at work in SHLOK, serving the industry for a relatively long time. The case studies of SHLOK narrate how successfully the development model was able to bring viable and optimum solutions to our clients.