Gas Inspector

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Developed with in-depth knowledge of the Gas Inspection Industry, Gas Inspector dives deep into the inspection business and automates all essential business processes effectively. A ready to use solution, Gas Inspector can be subscribed as a service (SaaS).


Increase up to 60% of your productivity with Gas Inspector. Do more Inspections with the same number of resources, with much better quality & service levels. Gas Inspector is the right choice to provide you with a cutting edge over your competitors..


If you are subscribed on a SaaS model your ROI might start from the very first Certificate you issue. In case of clients subscribed via Perpetual Licensing Model the ROI is highly probable within a 6-12 month period.

Benefits & Features

Costumer Information Management

Manage all you costumer information in one place.Store all contact informations, history of jobs and reminders for each of your customers.

Planning & Scheduling

Planning & Scheduling an Inspection has never been this easy. Drag & Drop across the calendar to quickly assign technician to jobs.

Mobile Inspections

Do Inspections systematically and easily using your mobile devices. Gather evidences. (ex: photographs, videos) and refer history of past inspections easily.

Instant Invoicing & Printing

Deliver invoices at the inspection site. Get paid quickly with the instant invoice. Print Inspections reports & certificates of invoices at the site with portable printers.

Client Portal

Online client portal for your client to acess inspection reports and invoices. Inspection reports and certificates can be stored and delivered electronically.


Inspection Checklists, Certificates and Reports are highly configurable & adaptable to your specific business needs.

Increase team productivity up to 60%

Upto 60% Increase in productivity of team. Your manual documentation works are completely eliminated. Inspection tickets, Inspection certificates, Inspection reports & invoices are generated from the system.

Very Quick ROI

Guaranteed very quick ROI.